Pension Services for Limited Companies

MAB Pensions is authorised to set up and maintain a self-managed pension, known as a SSAS. We also provide services which include:

  • All day to day administration
  • Provision of relevant documentation including trust deeds and rules
  • Record keeping of documentation, contributions and investments
  • Guidance on acceptable and advisable investments
  • Communication with HMRC, The Pensions Regulator and other statutory bodies and information to the members of their requirements from time to time
  • Guidance on contributions and statutory limits
  • Calculating and paying members’ entitlements
  • Paying and reclaiming tax on PAYE for example
What is a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS)?

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a registered pension scheme set up by a company under trust with the object of providing pension benefits for nominated employees efficiently These will usually be the directors and proprietors employed by the company but can also include other employees. If appropriate, more than one scheme can be established.

The investments are held separately from the company’s assets and are administered by Trustees, this means the members have some degree of control over the choice of investments allowing them to make loans from their company or buy property and let it to a third party or to the sponsoring employer. Alternatively the funds could be invested in a wide range of vehicles.

These funds can be established by a company for its directors or key individuals, either singly or in groups, and can be invested in a wide range of assets. Importantly MAB Pension Limited allows clients and their advisers a high level of control over the underlying investments both before and after drawing benefits. In addition the investments are held in the names of the clients as trustees, together with MAB Trustee Company Limited, ensuring greater security and transparency.

Please note:

  • Michael Ambrose Limited have been involved in setting up and administering SASS since their conception and will provide guidance and advice to complement administrative services from MAB Pensions limited.
  • MAB Pensions Ltd and Michael Ambrose Limited are separate legal entities. Michael Ambrose Limited is the firm that would be responsible for advising on and arranging any potential pension contract.

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