The Michael Ambrose Limited approach to advice

We believe that the very best advice can only be achieved through a combination of technical expertise and a thorough, detailed and up to date understanding of your needs. Your current situation, your desired situation in the future and your attitude towards investment risk are all key components of our planning with you. All of our advice is Chartered and independent and our recommendations will be tailored to meeting your financial objectives.

We work with businesses, high net worth and high earning individuals, their families and business proprietors. Where required, we co-operate with fellow professionals such as solicitors and accountants to deliver the services that you need.

We have a commitment to charging appropriate fees for our time and expertise rather than fees based simply on the size of transactions. We’re open and honest about our charging structures and your adviser will happily answer questions at any time.

We do not act for everyone we meet because we believe that chemistry matters. We work with you on a face to face, one to one basis and we always ensure you work with an adviser who is on your wavelength and whose qualifications match your requirements.

We have a team with many years’ experience of delivering high quality service to our clients and we work to deliver a quality and efficient service. All of our advisers are members of the Chartered Insurance Institute and are qualified at diploma or chartered status with the Personal Finance Society. Find out more about the team that works with you.

The first step

We start by determining your most immediate needs and follow our financial planning process to deliver a robust plan for us to work on together. Everything starts with a no obligation conversation for both parties to find out about each other. Only when we have made the joint decision to work together do you commit to a fee basis and this will be explained at every stage.

Once we have the right level of information we will help in four key areas:

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Our focus is on client needs rather than on products, and it is important that the ‘chemistry’ is right between us and our clients so that we can establish a strong and long-lasting working relationship.

— Astrid Balodis

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