About us

In 1982 we saw a need to provide a new proposition to clients and potential clients. The cornerstones of this offer were knowledge, advice, service and fair treatment. In short, we set out to look after our clients’ money in the same way we would look after our own money and treat clients in the way we would want to be treated. Since that time, we have worked with a large but select group of clients and we still maintain these core values. People still need this type of service and if this appeals to you, please come and talk to us.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide a wide range of high-quality financial advice and most importantly we are independent. We are not tied to any insurance company, bank or other financial service provider. Consequently, our advice to you is totally impartial.

As a testament to the professionalism, knowledge and dedication of our team we have been granted the status of Chartered Financial Planners. This recognition from our professional body sets us apart from the majority of our peers and it is something which are especially proud of.

In your affairs, we act for you and you alone.

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Our focus is on client needs rather than on products, and it is important that the ‘chemistry’ is right between us and our clients so that we can establish a strong and long-lasting working relationship.