August news article

Political Pensions
Everyone knows that a pension plan can be a useful tool to help to provide for our income needs in old age. Many people use them to help accrue assets to fund financial freedom at the end of one’s working life. There are of course disadvantages attaching to them…

July news article

Cash is not king… One matter that I discuss with clients, friends and family on a regular basis is the ever more difficult hunt for the best interest rate on personal cash. The truth is that I use the same best buy tables that are available to everyone else and therefore I can rarely add […]

June news article

The enjoyment and frustrations of financial planning!
Having joined the industry over 15 years ago and trained up from an administration role through supporting advisers into an adviser myself, I believe I have experienced a lot of change in our industry both good and bad.

Financial Fraud

This is a hot topic at the moment and it is thought that some type of financial fraud is committed every 15 seconds in the UK, that’s 5,760 times every day! This is therefore a big problem and one which is costing UK consumers and businesses large amounts of money and time each year. In […]

January news article

Cash Vs Stocks & Shares Indivudial Savings Accounts (ISAs) – The end of the personal tax year is fast approaching, with it, the deadline to make the most of your annual ISA allowance. But should you save in a cash ISA or invest in a stocks & shares ISA? An ISA is simply a tax efficient

December news article

Ways to plan for 2019 – It is fair to say that 2018 presented us with a lot of surprises and with Brexit looming in 2019 who knows what is round the corner? Whether you are saving, investing or just managing your assets, taking a strategic approach to managing your finances is a good way to keep tabs…