Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning

The nil-rate band i.e. the amount an individual can potentially pass on tax free on death is currently £325,000 and making full use of this could save your estate from a whopping tax hit of 40%. Things such as cash, investments, property, vehicles and life insurance…

July news article

Pension Tax Relief and the Lifetime Allowance… I have read a number of articles in the financial press recently predicting the Government are once again reviewing the reliefs given on contributions to pension schemes. Whilst this causes a constant frustration to us and our clients

Why pensions are paramount

Owning a pension is more important than you think…
A recent survey carried out has shown that 1 in 5 brits will face ‘retirement poverty’ because they have failed to save into a pension. Of those who do have a pension, approximately 80 percent are unsure…

June news article

As shareholders and business owners you should ask yourself the following; If one or more of the business owners was to die, what impact would that have on the surviving shareholder(s)? The truth is you will not know until you are faced…

May news article

Longevity and Financial Planning The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) have recently published findings showing the extent to which various age groups are misjudging how long they are likely to live. It seems that, on average, those aged in their 50s and 60s underestimated their chances of living to age 75 by about 20% and […]

April news article

On the exam trail… April each year sees the latest sitting of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) advanced diploma exams and myself and two colleagues undertook the challenge of sitting exams. Whilst many people have been complaining about the cold and rainy weather I have to admit this has helped with dedicating time to study […]